Board of Trustess and Sub-Committees

The Board of Trustees meet on the third Thursday every month at St Mary's Centre, Middlesbrough, to discuss all Federation business.

Pat Bolton (Chair), Hutton Lowcrosss
Debbie Baszynski, Newsham & Aislaby
Barbara Neal, Linthorpe
Lynn Mitchell, Saltburn
Ann Brown, Nunthorpe
Diane Falla, Saltburn
Christina Phillips, Normanby
Diane Patton, Acklam Afternoon
Tina Richardson, Saltburn

We have two sub-committees which meet on the first Wednesday every alternative month (six meetings).  Members of the Board sit on these sub-committees and we encourage WI members to take their place too.

This sub-committee is made up from officers and WI Advisors.  They assist all the WIs in the Teesside Federation by forming, reopening, enlarging and suspending institutes.

WI Advisors are members trained by the NFWI to help with the running of WIs and advise on WI matters.

Training courses are organised regularly for local WI officers and Board Trustees.

Events and Opportunities
This sub-committee is involved with every event, outing and workshop for the Federation which is made up of Trustees and members.

The remit is very wide encompassing campaigns, health, science, public concern and our very popular annual International Day.  We also help develop life skills by hosting workshops involving cookery, sewing, gardening, flower arranging and a variety of handicrafts as well various sporting activities and games.